June 23, 2015

The “Movie of the Week” was an idea I had back when I worked full-time at Rooster Teeth (An internet gaming/video site/community) for my first movie podcast “SCREEN PLAY” I liked the idea of picking movies that our demographic would never watch on their own. Every tweet thanking me for picking a movie people never heard of, but now was their favorite movie is a feeling that cannot be replicated. Unfortunately, it can be tough to book cool guests (filmmakers, comedians, actors etc) at the last minute and then tell them “Oh and also can you watch this movie beforehand?” Also, it can be a bit odd to anybody listening to the podcast who has not seen that movie, and god forbid we spoil cool stuff for them.

Don’t be sad, I’ll be using our “What did everyone watch this week?” segment to replace movies we suggest for the audience, and honestly I think it is a lot better because when we all watch the same movie, it usually ends with a 10 minute conversation of us all agreeing on things whilst saying “Yup” “me too” and “totally!”. This way everyone can describe a movie to a group who hasn’t watched it, and you the audience can tweet at us if you have seen it before or checked it out afterward and tell us what you thought.

Which brings us to the main change, we are going to make a big effort to include lots and lots more fan interaction via twitter or gmail. Did you see a movie that week? At home or in theaters? Tweet @filmgeekarmy what you thought, or email a 10 second audio file of you telling us your movie review on a film of your choosing to and we will include it in upcoming podcasts!


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